3 EASY steps and you are FREE of the worry of unpredictable energy bills!

Solar Energy is an idea whose time has come. Call today to get an estimate for your energy needs and say goodbye to unpredictable energy costs! We offer estimates on all types of solar energy installations.

LuxLight Solar, LLC takes the hassle out of going solar with easy financing. LuxLight SOLAR offers roof top and standing arrays, as well as grid and off grid solar energy installations.

  • Economical - will pay for itself! You get Tax Deducations & Rebates
  • Stabilizes your energy costs - no utility increases!
  • Replaces foreign sources of energy with CLEAN local power
  • Rebates & Tax Credits
Solar Energy Installations
Call us for an appointment to come out and measure your roof, the amount of sunlight at your location, and analyze your energy needs. Decide how much you want to spend based on the report we give you. Install and enjoy clean, affordable energy!


Rebates and Tax Credits