How It Works

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

In simple terms…
Solar panels mounted on your home or business take the sun’s energy and convert it into power you can use, saving you $$ on your utility bill. It’s almost as good as making money as you sleep.

Photovoltaic arrays are set up to convert the sun’s energy into dc power. This dc power is then fed through an inverter. The job of this inverter is to convert the dc power to ac power, the type your home or business uses to run your electrical appliances and lights. The inverter sends this ac power to your electrical panel, or breaker box. Any excess power your solar system produces during the day is fed into the utility grid your home or business is connected to (your city power). Save money by using solar power during the day, and your offset electricity from the grid at night.

Because solar panels get their power from the sun it is important to install your panels in a place where they will receive the most direct sunlight during the day. The size of panels you will need depends on your energy needs. Let our seasoned staff help you determine your unique needs with a FREE on-site evaluation and report. Once the evaluation is completed our experts can help you determine the type of solar system you need.

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